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Professional Staff

We are able to attract and hold on to the best and brightest professionals because of our experience and longevity in the healthcare business, our dedication to continuing education, the potential to move vertically within our company, and the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population in a variety of geographic locations.

Developing Individual Excellence

Health Care...It's one of the few professions in which the practitioner enjoys a sense of accomplishment because he or she has the knowledge and skill to help and heal. There is no greater feeling!

That's why it is imperative that you, as a health care professional, design a career based on professional and personal growth. Having the ability to work with almost any patient-type in almost any imaginable clinical setting, you can build a satisfying and rewarding career with our company.

We do not just hire personnel to fill positions. We recruit qualified, skilled, and motivated professionals with a desire to be a part of a team of committed individuals who support each other and grow together to provide the finest health care possible for our patients. We want our team members to have a sense of pride in their profession and their patients' outcomes. We strive to make "our facility" the place to go and the place to work in any given region.

Committed to Excellence

For over a half century, APRN® has developed a reputation for excellence in providing rehabilitation, respiratory services, sleep disorder centers, and national educational programs in many settings. These settings and programs include, but are not limited, to the following: physician groups, hospitals freestanding outpatient clinics, home health care, industrial facilities, and athletic courts and fields. We have developed this reputation because we are committed to providing those services.

Progression Through Innovation

We have shown steady growth and have a solid foundation in the health care market, not only because of our commitment, but also because of our innovation. We devote a great deal of time to researching new methods to help our patients progress faster. We also use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to support our progressive posture.

Let's Talk

If you are a student in a health related field, an early professional careerist, or even a seasoned veteran who wants to be challenged and rewarded through personal and professional growth, we would very much like to talk with you!

While some of our team members work individually, they are never alone because they are supported by highly skilled, knowledgeable people who are just a phone call away. At the same time, APRN® personnel take advantage of a comprehensive program of continuing education in addition to the expertise of our own national educational staff whenever requested.

APRN® professionals also have the advantages of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a high tech environment available to them, as well as the opportunity to engage in research efforts...efforts that can lead to better and faster treatment techniques with improved service to our patients. We encourage new ideas and the innovation that builds from that energy.

Set your goals, take up the challenge, and grow professionally. Build your future with an aggressive, innovative, and caring company. Contact us at APRN® so we can begin to discuss your career.

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